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Flavourful. Delicately spicy.
Creamy. Montosa.

Dominican passion – pure.

The Cibao Valley: protective mountains, rolling hills, very fertile soil and the perfect balance of sun, shade, rain and aromatic sea air... an exceptional place. The heart of the Dominican Republic. The most fertile valley in the Caribbean.

Tobacco Nowhere else is the air so full of aromas. Tobacco, cacao, coffee, bananas, mangos... And this is exactly where it comes from.

Montosa – a cigar whose composition which masters one of the big challenges in cigar blending: easy to smoke and flavourful at the same time.

Montosa – the new, hand-rolled cigar from the Dominican Republic.
Flavourful. Delicately spicy. Creamy.


From the heart of the
Dominican Republic

Our master blender was searching for this precise composition to achieve this exact result for more than 3 years. The decision was made to use Criollo and Piloto from the Dominican Republic as well as Java from Indonesia as the filler. In addition Mexican Sumatra was selected as the binder and an exquisite Connecticut Shade from Ecuador for the wrapper.

Delicately composed, and equally delicately hand-rolled. By people with an innate love and passion for tobacco, passed on from generation to generation. Montosa. The pleasure-cigar from the heart of the Dominican Republic. Hand-rolled at Arnold André Dominicana. Flavourful, delicately spicy, creamy and, at the same time, with a roundness, softness and easy flavour.


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Made in Dominicana

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